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Online Art Classes

**Created By Kid is moving to online instructional videos until further notice**

During our online instructional Art videos students will follow along with one of our Lead Teachers working to create one of our beloved art projects.

Our thoughtfully curated Art Boxes come packed to the brim with all the material needed to make an array of art projects, from multi media paintings, textiles, printmaking, drawing, sculpey and more! Your home will be transformed into your child's own mini art studio that is sure to spark creativity throughout the day!

Please have patience while we navigate our online learning capabilities. This is a new approach for us at the studio and will likely experience bumps in the road. We are open to suggestions to ensure the best experience possible. We are beginning with prerecorded videos, in hopes to move to live teaching soon, allowing for students to ask questions along the way. We will be updating this page often, as we evolve. So please check back periodically.

This is the first project we will be making in our online art class, inspired by Artist Jonas Wood, using gouache, watercolor paper, canvas, and acrylic paint all these materials will be found in your Class Art Box.

Video coming soon!!!

CBK Art Boxes

We are excited to be able to offer these art boxes filled with all the items students will need to create art projects while they follow along with our online lessons. We are starting off with two boxes that are available to order now, the Class Box and the Little Artist Box. Our Spring Box is in the works and available for preorder. These boxes are limited right now, we are hoping to be able to amp up production in the coming weeks.

The Class Box is available for free to families enrolled in our current after school program, in lieu of makeup classes. Use code MAKEUP or MAKEUP2 (for siblings) in the order form.

While we are still hoping we'll be able to offer makeup classes onsite when the studio reopens, please note that they will likely be held on weekends so that we can resume our regular programming simultaneously. We know weekends are not always convenient but scheduling makeups when we are less busy gives us the opportunity to catch up and keep our doors open. If you'd prefer to hold out for those makeup classes but also want to participate in the online classes, you can purchase the Class Box as well; every little bit will help us keep our small business going, as well as pay our staff and other expenses.

After School Box Projects
(only for families enrolled in our current spring program)

Painting Persona

Mixed Media Painting

For our painting persona class we will be looking at Marishka Soekarna an artist and mother living in Jakarta, Indonesia. She is inspired by music and album covers, and loves The Beatles. She uses bright colors, graphic lines, repetition and pattern to create her large scale paintings. Often hiding her figures and random body parts in her stylized plants. We will be using canvas, gouache and acrylic to create our own painting in her style.

Wearable Art Mixed Media Necklace

For our Wearable Arts class we will be creating animal-like wearable accessories inspired by Julie Taymors stage adaptation of Lion King. We’ll be creating patterns and textures while practicing our creative thinking to make these beautiful pieces of art the student's will never want to take off!

Functional Ceramics Sculpey Hand

Do you need a hand? We will be taking a literal approach to this phrase, for our functional ceramics class making this Jen Dwyer inspired wall hook out of scupley and acrylic. Her work is inspired by memories of her own childhood using porcelain to create floating sculptures, often of hands glazed in iridescent pastels and decorated with 3-dimensional shapes like hearts, stars, and flowers.

Two more projects coming soon!

To order your box in lieu of classes use the link below




The Class Box

This box is filled to the brim with materials for 3 fine art projects (comparable to 6 weeks of classes), on par with what we do at the studio. We will study the history and culture of a famous artist, using this as inspiration for a mixed-media painting on canvas and watercolor paper using acrylic and gouache. We will also hand-paint and embroider a textile wall hanging, and explore relief printmaking using foam, printing ink and mixed media paper.

Supply List:

Acrylic paint, gouache paint, printmaking ink, foam pieces, canvas, watercolor paper, paint brushes, paint tray, pencil, glue stick, fabric, felt, colored string, sewing needle, dowel rod, sharpie

** Free to families currently enrolled in spring classes in lieu of makeup classes**


Little Artist Box

We don't want younger siblings to feel left out! This art box is for children ages 3-5 and will include some basic art materials, such as oil pastels, crayons, watercolors and paper.

Supply List:

canvas board, colored paper, washable paint, paint brushes, oil pastels, crayons, pencil, modeling clay, texture foam rollers, glue stick, watercolor paint, water color paper, paint tray.


The Art Box

This box is filled to the brim with materials needed to make endless CBK style projects (including sculpy!) and comes with an instructional PDF for suggested projects to make. With the contents of this box you will be able to follow along to our FB live videos posted everyday at 1pm! We are also including a ton of FREE TIME materials rainbow loom, lanyard, beads, free draw materials and MORE! This box will help you STAY CREATIVE! (free shipping)


The Class Box Projects

Multi-Media Painting

Inspired by the work of L.A.-based artist Jonas Wood, we'll create a brightly-colored mixed-media still life in two steps. The background will be acrylic on canvas, and we'll add collage elements painted on watercolor paper with gouache.

Textile Wall Hanging

For this decorative wall hanging inspired by Yayoi Kusama's paintings, we'll create bold background patterns using watered-down acrylic and marker on muslin fabric. Then we'll use printed fabric scraps, felt, and embroidery to create an eye-catching design.

Color Study

Using relief printmaking to compose a graphic background, we'll recreate the work of German painter Sigmar Polke. On watercolor paper, students will draw one of their favorite foods and make a copy their drawing, using gouache to paint one in realistic color and the other in a black and white value study.

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