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CBK Summer Camp 2020

Created By Kids is excited to announce our 8TH YEAR running our Summer Camp Program! While we know our normal camp experience has changed due to COVID-19 and ongoing restrictions on in-person programs in NYC, we are still working hard to provide a fun, creative and SAFE Summer Camp experience, both in the studio and online.

We believe that visual arts are an important form of communication and expression, and that having a creative outlet can be deeply therapeutic, especially in difficult times. Our first priority is the safety of our staff and campers, so we have implemented new safety guidelines and procedures, as well as limiting enrollment numbers to ensure proper social distancing.

Additionally, we hope the structured schedule and extra safety measures we’ll be implementing for in-person camp will be a helpful stepping stone to prepare your child for return to school in the Fall. At the same time, we want to enforce and model these safety precautions as an act of kindness and mutual respect, so that your child never feels the learning environment is less than warm and welcoming. Staff will be serving your children both directly and behind the scenes and will initiate a process of constant evaluation of our policies, procedures, and interactions to reduce potential risk while fostering experiences that inspire creativity and celebrate community in new ways. We’re all in this together!

As always, students will explore different thematic concepts each week, beginning with an educational foundation as inspiration. During the week we’ll use a variety of art-making techniques and mediums, including clay, textiles, printmaking, mixed-media projects, and more! The variety will keep kids interested while they learn about cultures, history, and literature through our unique fine arts curriculum.

SPECIALTY CAMP WEEKS: We are offering two specialty camps this summer that focus on specific mediums. Ceramics delves further into hand-building, wheel-throwing, and glazing techniques, with projects fired in our in-studio kiln. Fashion Design & Sewing allows students to construct a personalized, wearable garment using our sewing machines and creative dying techniques, while also exploring other aspects of the fashion industry. These classes have slightly higher pricing due to the specialized materials we will be using.

*ALL equipment will be used by only one student at a time and will be throughly sanitized before and after each use.

**we recommend all our classes for students 5-10 years of age***

We offer a 10% sibling discount
on all our Summer Camps
(USE CODE: SBLING at check out)



Our in-person camps are held at our studio, located at 592 Pacific St. Brooklyn, NY, steps away from Atlantic Terminal/Barclays Center.

Camp begins at 9am with staggered drop-off times beginning at 8:45am. We offer Early Bird drop-off beginning at 8am ($20 per day/$80 per week). Staggered pick-up begins at 3:45pm. We offer Extended Day pick-up until 5pm ($20 per day/$80 per week) or 6pm ($40 per day/$160 per week). Late pick-ups may be subject to a fee; please read our Safety guidelines & Policies info page before registering for camp!

We hope to see everyone for another CREATIVE SUMMER at CBK!




In addition to our weekly Summer Camps, we are now offering a new program of weekend summer classes -
CLICK - so you can stay creative even if you cannot commit to a full week of camp.CLICK stands for “Create/Learn/Integrate - Camp Kids” and applies the principles of CBK (spurring creativity through a variety of mediums, exploring art history and contemporary artists, and working together to support each other) in a shorter format. 

Like our School-Year Camps, our weekend
CLICK program will focus on making one project, beginning to end, over the course of a single in-studio camp day. The idea is to allow families a variety of scheduling options that center visual art as part of their enrichment. These classes are a great option for those looking to use make-up credits. 
There is also an online version that takes place one day a week (Comics on Monday, Ceramics on Thursday, and Sewing on Friday) for twelve weeks beginning in June.

CLICK will run every weekend, from 9am-12pm, during ten weeks of summer break. Each day will focus on a different project, so you can choose either weekend day, or both, for as many weeks as you’d like! As with all our in-studio camps, registration is limited to ten students per class to ensure social distancing. You must register prior to attending class; registration is on a first-come first-served basis.Don't miss out on the creativity - it is just a CLICK away!

**We recommend all our classes for students 5-10 years of age***
**Please read our Safety guidelines & Policiescamp information before you register for any classes**

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CLICK Weekend Summer Program

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